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MEET OUR CHEF - Désiré Lebrêne

Désiré was born and raised in a little village in Normandy France. He and his wife Kris of almost 8 years, have 2 children and also provide foster care for four other children. They currently reside in Yuba City.


" I had the chance to grow up eating home grown foods prepared by my mother," said Désiré. "She is an excellent cook. My mother could blend so many different ingredients together and add the right seasonings. We were blessed to have homemade meals every day of the year. All of the food we ate was as natural as can be. I feel this has kept me healthy all these years. My mother passed on her love for food to me."


Désiré studied first in Normandy then in Paris where he received a culinary degree.


Désiré was hired by a French company to come to the Unites States and help with extra work during the 1984 Olympic Games in Los Angeles.


His passion and love for food is a perfect fit for operating the kitchen department right here at New Earth Market. He loves making food like it should be made, using products and produce from our local vendors.


"I am lucky to be able to use my knowledge and passion to create wonderful dishes that you can enjoy daily here at our market," said Désiré. "We have a great team that helps make our dishes. They are made without preservatives or any other additives.


"We hope you enjoy our homemade fresh foods made just for you! Feed and treat your body good- that is what I believe in."


Bon Appétit!

Chef Desire
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