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The Inspiration for New Earth Market

When my daughter Jordan was a toddler, she was diagnosed with asthma. We were told she would outgrow it one day. Her asthma manifested itself as an exhausting wet cough that would last for many days.  We tried several different medications (Singular and Nebulizer/Bronchodilator), which marginally helped with her symptoms.  We ultimately gave in to using a steroid (Prednisone) to stop the cough – not an ideal choice given the lifetime side effects of using a steroid.


Then it dawned on us to ask the question: “What is the real cause of her asthma? Why are we just treating the symptoms of her cough and not getting to the root of the problem?”  After visiting a homeopathic doctor and doing a simple allergy test, we discovered Jordan’s intolerance to wheat and dairy. We eliminated these foods from her diet and her asthma went away - just like that.  For her, eating the wrong food was the root of her problem.  Jordan is now off of meds and free of her wet asthmatic cough. We found the root of her asthma.

Jordan 2.jpg

Kevin's Daughter, Jordan

I then began applying this principle of figuring out food allergies for myself.  I was a daily fast food junkie, unhealthy and overweight. My skin was riddled with acne, I got tonsillitis repeatedly, and I was constipated. I wondered if I, too, had a dairy intolerance. I followed Jordan’s lead. Simply not eating the food that was causing inflammation in my body has left me feeling better than ever; free of sore throats and acne for well over a decade now.


Finding food locally that met Jordan's and my diet restrictions became a challenge. We often had to drive out of the area to get our weekly groceries. Then it dawned on me…why don't we build a local natural foods market that could serve our community’s needs? After being in the trucking business for nearly 30 years, I was ready for a new challenge. With the support and faith of family, friends, and our bank, we raised the funds to build New Earth Market.  Jordan’s health adversity was the catalyst that led to an opportunity for our community, the creation of New Earth Market. 


New Earth Market is proud to be independent and locally owned.  


Thank you for taking the time to read our story and how our roots began.


Be Well,





Kevin Cotter


New Earth Market

A Short History of New Earth Market

2011    New Earth Market opens their flagship location in Yuba City CA with 47 employees - Kevin Cotter is the Founding Partner 

2011    Hired Desire Lebrene as the Executive Chef.  Desire was raised in Normandy, France, and came to the US to cook for the French Olympic Team for the 1984 Summer Games in Los Angeles 

2012    The Harvest Room community space opens in Yuba City

2013     Kellie Cotter Joins the New Earth Market Team 

2015    New Earth Market joins the Independent Natural Foods Retailer Association 

2015    Started our Nickels for Charity program 


2016    New Earth Market opens second location in Chico, California, with Kellie Cotter as the Store Manager

2017    Yuba City installs LED lights throughout the Market 

2017    Doors installed on Yuba City dairy and beer refrigerated cases to further reduce energy consumption

2017    Yuba City Installs solar panels on the roof and parking lot shade structures.  93% of the Markets power now comes from the sun. 

2017    Electronic Vehicle charging stations installed at Yuba City

2018    Yuba City  partners with Tesla to become a destination Super Charging Station

2019    Yuba City Rolling Stone Pizza Bar expansion 

2019    Yuba City adds a walk around salad bar to double the amount of salad bar offerings

To come    Online ordering and delivery!

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