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Solar Project - Yuba City 

Time-Lapse Video: Yuba City New Earth Market Solar Project

In 2017 New Earth Market Yuba City teamed up with Alternative Energy Systems (AES) of Chico/Yuba City to install a 460,000 kWh solar array.  


This state of the art system includes 705 high-performance solar panels. Our entire roof is covered with 315 panels and we have 390 panels sitting on shade structures in our parking lot.  The system generates enough power to offset  93% of our electrical energy needs.


Grocery stores typically consume a lot of energy due to the continuous operation of refrigeration systems.  This new solar array allows New Earth Market to significantly reduce our energy needs.  In the first year alone, the power generated will avoid 326 metric tons of CO2 emissions from entering the atmosphere…the equivalent to 70 passenger vehicles driven for a year or 48 homes electricity for a year. 


Locally owned and independent New Earth Market is more than a grocery store.  We make it easy to shop healthy and naturally due to our strict product standards…standards that keep unhealthy ingredients and additives from our shelves; including artificial colors and flavors, hydrogenated oils and MSG.  Pick up our “easy-peasy shopping welcome flyer” to see the full list of our product standards.  Visit us in Yuba City at 1475 Tharp Rd and in Chico at 864 East Ave.  


New Earth Market…The Place To Be Naturally.

Solar project photo

Original Plans

Solar project photo

Reality Today!

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