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New Earth Market
The Place to Be, Naturally!

More than a Grocery Store

  • Locally Owned    

  • Meat Department - All Natural, Grass-Fed Meat

  • Voted BEST Deli & Salad Bar

  • Largest Selection of Natural Supplements

  • Largest Craft Beer Selection in Town

  • Organic Coffee Bar - Plus Smoothies &Tea

  • In House Fresh-Made Sushi

  • Off-Site Catering

  • Rolling Stone Pizza (Yuba City)

  • Bridge Coffee Co. (Yuba City)

  • Full Service Banquet “Harvest Room” (Yuba City)    

We Promise!

Our products are free from...
  • Animal By-Products

  • Antibiotics & Growth Stimulants

  • Artificial Colors & Flavors

  • Artificial Preservatives

  • Aspartame

  • Bleached Flour

  • FD & C Colors

  • Hydrogenated Oils or Fats

  • Monosodium Glutamate (MSG)

  • Nitrates/Nitrites

  • Partially Hydrogenated Oil

  • Saccharin

  • Sodium Nitrate/Nitrite

  • Sucralose

  • Sweet-N-Low Sweetener

  • Testing on Animals

Jordan 2.jpg

The Inspiration for New Earth Market

When my daughter Jordan was a toddler, she was diagnosed with asthma. We were told she would outgrow it one day. Her asthma manifested itself as an exhausting wet cough that would last for many days.  We tried several different medications (Singular and Nebulizer/Bronchodilator), which marginally helped with her symptoms.  We ultimately gave in to using a steroid (Prednisone) to stop the cough – not an ideal choice given the lifetime side effects of using a steroid.


Then it dawned on us to ask the question: “What is the real cause of her asthma? Why are we just treating the symptoms of her cough and not getting to the root of the problem?”  After visiting a homeopathic doctor and doing a simple allergy test, we discovered Jordan’s intolerance to wheat and dairy. We eliminated these foods from her diet and her asthma went away - just like that.  For her, eating the wrong food was the root of her problem.  Jordan is now off of meds and free of her wet asthmatic cough. We found the root of her asthma.

Kevin's Daughter, Jordan

I then began applying this principle of figuring out food allergies for myself.  I was a daily fast food junkie, unhealthy and overweight. My skin was riddled with acne, I got tonsillitis repeatedly, and I was constipated. I wondered if I, too, had a dairy intolerance. I followed Jordan’s lead. Simply not eating the food that was causing inflammation in my body has left me feeling better than ever; free of sore throats and acne for well over a decade now.


Finding food locally that met Jordan's and my diet restrictions became a challenge. We often had to drive out of the area to get our weekly groceries. Then it dawned on me…why don't we build a local natural foods market that could serve our community’s needs? After being in the trucking business for nearly 30 years, I was ready for a new challenge. With the support and faith of family, friends, and our bank, we raised the funds to build New Earth Market.  Jordan’s health adversity was the catalyst that led to an opportunity for our community, the creation of New Earth Market. 


New Earth Market is proud to be independent and locally owned.  

Thank you for taking the time to read our story and how our roots began.


Be Well,

Kevin Cotter


New Earth Market

Informational Shelf Tags

What’s your healthy made of? Below are some of our most popular Shelf Guide labels. 


Grown without the use of synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, fungicides or herbicides. Organically grown foods are higher in nutrients, including antioxidant vitamins, iron, magnesium and phosphorus.


Does not contain gluten, a protein composite most commonly found in wheat, barley and rye.


The product does not contain ingredients of animal origin, including milk, eggs, honey, and gelatin.


Food and products free of GMOs (or “genetically modified organisms”) which are organisms whose genetic material has been artificially manipulated in a laboratory through genetic engineering, or GE. 


Fair Trade is a trading partnership that seeks greater equity in international trade. Fair Trade products assure that small-scale farmers have been given a fair and dependable price for their crops on the world market.


The product has been verified to be safe (per Federal and regulatory guidelines), minimally-processed (non-GMO, Organic and a relatively low temperature processing), and is bioavailable


Free run or cage-free eggs are from hens that are able to stretch their wings and move around freely in an open barn where they are provided with nest boxes. This is an important attribute since the urge to nest during a laying cycle is very strong in hens.


These products do not contain lactose, and are intended for people with lactose intolerance. However, these products may contain milk protein, so they may be unsafe for individuals with a milk allergy.


This term describes products that are free of milk protein and lactose free. They are intended for individuals with a milk allergy, but please read the label carefully before consumption.


The animals used for this meat or poultry product were raised without antibiotics.


A paleo diet is an eating plan based on foods humans might have eaten during the Paleolithic Era. The Paleolithic Era dates from around 2.5 million to 10,000 years ago.


History of New Earth Market

2011   New Earth Market opens their flagship location in Yuba City CA with 47 employees - Kevin Cotter is the Founding Partner 

2011   Hired Desire Lebrene as the Executive Chef.  Desire was raised in Normandy, France, and came to the US to cook for the French Olympic Team for the 1984 Summer Games in Los Angeles 

2012   The Harvest Room community space opens in Yuba City

2013   Kellie Cotter joins the New Earth Market Team 

2015   New Earth Market joins the Independent Natural Foods Retailer Association 

2015   Started our Nickels for Charity program 

2016   New Earth Market opens second location in Chico, California, with Kellie Cotter as the Store Manager.

2017   Yuba City Installs solar panels on the roof and parking lot shade structures.  93% of the Markets power now comes from the sun. ​Doors installed on Yuba City dairy and beer refrigerated cases to further reduce energy consumption and LED lights installed throughout the Market. Electronic Vehicle charging stations installed at Yuba City.

2018   Yuba City  partners with Tesla to become a destination Super Charging Station

2019   Yuba City Rolling Stone Pizza Bar expansion 

2019   Yuba City adds a walk around salad bar to double the amount of salad bar offerings

2016   Chico started making in-house sushi 

2018   Yuba City started making in-house sushi 

2023   Yuba City adds shade structure for outdoor seating 

2023   Yuba City partnered with Bridge Coffee Company to operate our coffee bar inside the market 

2024   Chico Project - work in progress to start making our own bread 

Local Growers

We strive to find and nurture relationships with local vendors. Here are just a few of the local businesses we carry.

  • 21st Amendment

  • Alexandre Family Farm

  • Aloha Bay

  • Alternative Baking

  • Apricot Power

  • Artisan Lavinia Bakery

  • Beekeepers Daughter

  • Bridge Coffee – Yuba City

  • Burns Blossom Farm - Chico

  • Caleola Olive Oil

  • Cali Rub- Chico

  • Camina Bakery – Chico

  • Canna Joint Relief

  • Capaul Ranch – Meridian

  • Chacewater

  • Chakra Foods

  • Chico Chai- Chico

  • Chico rice-Sacramento valley

  • Clover Sonoma

  • Comanche Creek Farms - Chico

  • Cowboy BBQ

  • Daycamp-Chico

  • Dead Sea Warehouse

  • Deluco Bagel- Vacaville

  • Doe Mill Vineyards - Chico

  • Duivenvoorden Farms

  • Dutch Farms- Cohasset

  • Earth & Vine Provisions

  • Fang Farms - Chico

  • Fatco- Chico

  • Feather Falls Soap Company- Chico

  • Four Peaks Medicinals- Chico

  • Frontier Angel Soap

  • G&L Positive Goods

  • Gale Vineyards-Durham

  • Gibson’s Golden Honey – Santa Rosa

  • Gold Roots Farm - Corning

  • Good Faith Farm - Flournoy

  • Has Beans Coffee- Chico

  • Hasbeans- chico

  • Hatfield Happy Hens – Meridian

  • Hathor Tallow Skincare- Chico

  • Hearth and Stone Bakery- Chico

  • Humboldt Bay Coffee – Eureka

  • Humboldt Bay coffee- Eureka

  • John Heir blackberries

  • Klean Kanteen

  • Little Sprouts Micro-Farm - Redding

  • Local Spicery – Marysville

  • Luna Lei

  • Lundberg

  • Maisie Janes

  • Messick Farms

  • Nevada City Winery - Nevada City

  • North Coast roasters - Santa Cruz

  • Northbound- Mount Shasta

  • Oaxaca Mama

  • Olivarez Honey – Orland

  • Pachamama - Sacramento

  • Pacific Flyway Rice - Butte County

  • Premier Walnut

  • Pyramid Farms - Chico

  • Ramble West Brewing - Chico

  • Ranch life Jerky - Paradise

  • Raw Farms

  • Redwood Hill Farms

  • Rhapsody Coffee - Chico

  • Rising Tide Sea Vegetables - Mendocino

  • Secret Trail Brewing - Chico

  • Sierra Nevada Brewing - Chico

  • Silver Moon Circle

  • Simple Apothecary

  • Sohnrey Family Foods - Oroville

  • Straw House Cellars - Butte Valley

  • Sutter Buttes Honey

  • Sutter Buttes Olive Oil

  • Taylor lane coffee- Sebastopol

  • Tenderly Rooted - Biggs

  • Terranova Coffee

  • The Bearded Farmer

  • Tin Roof bakery - Chico

  • Triple Play Olive Oil

  • Truckee Sourdough Co- Truckee

  • Unbound - Yuba City

  • Wofchuck Honey Co - Chico

Solar Project - Yuba City

In 2017 New Earth Market Yuba City installed a 460,000 kWh solar array.  This state of the art system includes 705 high-performance solar panels. Our entire roof is covered with 315 panels and we have 390 panels sitting on shade structures in our parking lot.  The system generates enough power to offset  93% of our electrical energy needs.


Grocery stores typically consume a lot of energy due to the continuous operation of refrigeration systems.  This new solar array allows New Earth Market to significantly reduce our energy needs.  In the first year alone, the power generated will avoid 326 metric tons of CO2 emissions from entering the atmosphere…the equivalent to 70 passenger vehicles driven for a year or 48 homes electricity for a year. 


Locally owned and independent New Earth Market is more than a grocery store.  We make it easy to shop healthy and naturally due to our strict product standards…standards that keep unhealthy ingredients and additives from our shelves; including artificial colors and flavors, hydrogenated oils and MSG.  Pick up our “easy-peasy shopping welcome flyer” to see the full list of our product standards.  Visit us in Yuba City at 1475 Tharp Rd and in Chico at 864 East Ave.  


New Earth Market…The Place To Be Naturally.

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864 East Ave, Chico, CA 


Open everyday 8 AM - 8 PM

Fresh Strawberries

Meet Our Team!

Just a bunch of folks passionate about food, the earth and sustainable agriculture practices!

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